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UFO? or NO?

Strange Object Spotted In Eastern El Paso County

We received pictures of it and social media blew up about it on Tuesday. A large, almost Zeppelin looking white object was spotted flying over eastern El Paso County Tuesday afternoon. It landed in a field about 10 miles south of the Simla area.

Doug and Linda Glidden snapped a photograph and their daughter Tammie sent it to KRDO NEWSCHANNEL 13 asking for some help. After some investigation, I came across Global Near Space Services, a Colorado Springs based company. On their website is an image identical to the photograph the Gliddens sent to KRDO. Called the Star*Tower, it is a tethered aerostat system that can be used to obtain "satellite-like telecommunications and surveillance capabilities for a fraction of the cost of space-based systems."

Its more or less a tethered balloon that can be used by both commercial and military interests. The tether not only keeps the lighter-than-air object in a relatively stationary place, but it also provides power to the instruments attached to the balloon.

As of late Tuesday evening, my phone call to the Global Near Space Systems president hadn't been returned, but I'm confident that what is in the photograph belongs to GNSS.

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