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Unexploded pipe bomb found outside Aurora middle school

A middle school in Aurora was evacuated Monday after a pipe bomb was found.

Students at Mrachek Middle School were initially evacuated to the ball fields, KMGH-TV reported.

KDVR-TV reported that someone walking outside of the school saw pieces of it near a trash can at around 8:40 a.m.

KMGH reporter Lance Hernandez tweeted that the pipe bomb was set on fire, but did not explode. He said the entire incident was caught on camera.

Aurora Public Schools provided the following statement about the incident:

This morning, we received a report of a suspicious device outside of Mrachek Middle School. As a precaution, we have evacuated the school.  Student safety is a top priority in Aurora Public Schools, and we are cooperating fully with the police, including the officers who are investigating the matter. We are asking parents not to come to the school because many streets in the area have been closed.  If possible, please share this information:  We will provide parents with information via a phone call shortly.

Police searched the campus to make sure there were no other devices. None were found.

Students were eventually taken to a nearby high school to be dismissed for the day.

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