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University renovations excite people in Pueblo

The gem of Southern Colorado, that's what C.S.U. Pueblo is hoping to be known.

Steve Nawrocki is Pueblo's City Council President, he is also a graduate at the university.

"There was the library, one dorm and there was no student center."

Change has come for the university, and Nawrocki feels the renovations will draw students.

"It's a combination of what they are doing at the university and also I think the students care about the community that they are attending college into."

C.S.U. Pueblo's campaign is called "On The Move."

It is a three year mission that will bring in more scholarships, renovate the student center and add six more sports, all of which will help the school grow.

"We want to kind of keep the momentum going, grow the campus so that we can attract more and better students."

Nawrocki says it's not just the university that will see the effect.

"not only the amenities of what's on the campus in our downtown but the surrounding areas."

C.S.U. Pueblo has more than five million dollars for their campaign so far.

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