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UPDATE: Flames engulf garage in southwest Colorado Springs

UPDATE: Flames engulf garage in southwest Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Firefighters battled a garage fire off of Cheyenne Road near Lake Avenue Thursday.(4/3/14).

The Colorado Springs Fire Department says one person suffered minor injuries in the fire, which happened at 1302 Richards Ave.

The fire was reported at 3:30 p.m. and declared under control at 3:50 p.m.

Viewer submitted photos showed a detached garage that was heavily involved in flames. The garage was destroyed by the fire.

A home adjacent to the garage was also damaged.

Firefighters say some people were working in the garage when the fire started. It's not clear exactly what they were doing. They say there were explosions in the garage, possibly the result of stored ammunition.

Homeowner Mandy Middleton said the fire spread quickly.

"There is black smoke just billowing out of the front of the garage," said Middleton.

She tried to move her car away from the garage but she couldn't see because of heavy snow on her windshield and black smoke. She shouted for help from the crowd gathering across the street.

"There are people standing there and I'm yelling out my window, 'Direct me or move the snow, I can't see, can someone help me?' said Middleton.

She said on-lookers were more focused on snapping photos and uploading videos of the flames on Facebook.

The lack of help was a shock to Middleton, who spends a lot of time helping friends and neighbors. She fixes motorcycles in the garage for little to no money. A customer's motorcycle was getting repaired in the garage when the fire started.

"Offer help first, these are people. These are people's lives. It's not about cellphones, it's not about pictures, it's not about Facebook, these are people's lives. These are people that are endangered," said Middleton. "Focus on the people that are behind the pictures before you take be pictures."

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