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UPDATE: Woman files lawsuit over lost dog

UPDATE: Woman files lawsuit over lost dog

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - UPDATE: A dispute over a dog given away on Craigslist will go to trial.

A Colorado Springs man, Noah Seaborn, is accused of giving away his ex-girlfriend's dog on the website to get revenge.

On Wednesday, the District Attorney's Office said it would let him off the hook if he offered up information about the dog's whereabouts. He did not.

He faces domestic violence theft charges.


Original Story:

A man accused of selling his ex-girlfriend's dog on Craigslist for revenge said Sunday that he didn't have any regrets and he would do it again.

Noah Seaborn has served three days in an El Paso County jail and he is facing domestic violence theft charges because of his decision to get rid of a dog named Nevaeh.

Melissa Shive agreed to let her ex-boyfriend, Seaborn, watch Nevaeh for a few days after the two separated in November. During that time, she claims he gave Nevaeh to a family in Breckenridge.

"I found a service dog ad on Craigslist and that's what I did. I used a pre-paid phone. If I planned on getting rid of the dog then I have to get rid of her," said Seaborn.

Seaborn said Nevaeh belongs to him, however, Shive's signature is the only one listed on the dog's adoption papers.

"I just felt that if something happened to the dog it should be my decision," said Seaborn.

Shive said the Craigslist ad Seaborn described hasn't turned up during investigators' extensive search of the site.

"Maybe we can go somewhere with that knowing that he is not telling the truth, but it's not getting me closer to my dog," said Shive.

"Well it's up to them to find out. But as far as I can tell you I did," said Seaborn.

Shive carries Nevaeh's collar and pictures of the dog everywhere she goes. She is also offering a $1,000 reward for Nevaeh.

"It's killing me inside," said Shive.

Shive said she doesn't want to see Seaborn in jail. She hoped the threat of legal action would make Seaborn fess up about the dog's whereabouts. He has not given any additional information from a description of the Craigslist ad.

Seaborn played with his new puppy that he said has given him closure after giving away Nevaeh. Shive said she tried to foster a dog through work, but it stirred up too many emotions. She isn't ready to get a new dog because she hasn't given up on Nevaeh.

"It makes me feel like he never really cared about her and kind of threw her away like a piece of trash -- and she is not a piece of trash, she is my best friend," said Shive.

Seaborn will have to answer to a judge in an El Paso County courtroom this week.

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