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UPDATE:Cyberbullying investigation in El Paso County

Students will face charges

Cyber Bullying Investigation

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - Bullying hits a new level in Colorado Springs. Two 18-year-olds created a Facebook page to publicly trash fellow students.

Deputies have identified the students as Alexander Natale and Kyle Pate. Natale is a night student at the Patriot Learning Center and Pate is part of a program that allows students who have been kicked out of school to finish their degrees.

There are three regular high schools in the district, but the majority of the victims are coming out of Falcon High School.

The posting on the "Falcon Problems" page are shocking, insulting, and cruel.

"Do we really want to be making fun of others, and speaking that badly about other people," said El Paso County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Lt. Jeff Kramer.

Some of the posts also included threat of physical violence and one posting about a possible shooting.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office said this could be harassment.

"It's certainly inappropriate from the human perspective, let alone whether or not it is deemed illegal or not," said Kramer.

It's like harassing someone face to face.

The page was started on Monday, and by Tuesday students reported the page to school administrators and a school resource officer. As of 5:30 pm on Thursday the page was taken down.

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