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US job growth means good news for southern Colorado

US job growth means good news for southern Colorado

The U.S. gets another boost in job growth.

The Department of Labor said 175,000 jobs were added in February compared to 129,000 in January.

The Pikes Peak Workforce Center said that could mean good news for southern Colorado.

Randy Weber has been unemployed for five months.

He quit his job to take care of his mother.

When he saw the amount of people put to work in February, he got excited.

"It's encouraging, I'm glad I'm job hunting. I just had a job interview," Weber said.

Dana Barton works for the Pikes Peak Workforce Center.

She said the national numbers reflect what's happening in Colorado.

Colorado's unemployment rate was 6.2 percent, but- 400 jobs were added to the job seeker website Connecting Colorado last week, Barton said.

She said the most in-demand jobs in Colorado are in the information technology and health care fields.

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