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Vandalism and car break-ins worry neighbors

Same markings found several times in one neighborhood

Vandalism and car break-ins worry neighbors

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A string of vandalism and car break-ins in Northeast Colorado Springs has neighbors worried. Police are investigating the markings and break-ins.

Ria Delaney and her husband live near Powers and South Carefree. A nice neighborhood, but last week Sunday (10/6/13) their three trucks were broken-into.

"They completely broke the glove box. They tore everything, just jumbled it all apart," said Gunshot Pass Drive resident Ria Delaney.

The thieves stole their stereo systems, CD player and jewelry.

"I'm upset. This is our hard-earned stuff," said Delaney.

More upsetting is a symbol that looks like a backwards swastika carved into the truck.

"I knew what a swastika looked like and it was kind of, some of the points were off. And it was like, well what is this?" asked Delaney.

Meanwhile, another neighborhood further north off Austin Bluffs near Rangewood is vandalism on the back of a fence that is Delaney's friend's home."

"Initially, I thought it was the same sign, but apparently it was a different sign," said Dry Stone Drive resident Susan Shisler.

Shisler is worried it's gang-related.

"Yeah, this concerns me," said Shisler.

A block away, Scott Elementary School has also been tagged. "74" is spray painted on the building.

"Marking their territory and so we may see more of it. More of the violence and break-ins," said Shisler.

Both Shisler and Delaney hope as police investigate their neighbors keep a close eye for vandals.

Police told Newschannel 13 they've found the same marking several times in Shisler's neighborhood over the past week and are now looking into whether this is a growing gang problem.

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