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Veterans visit WWII Aviation Museum

WWII Museum Shows Off B-25 Planes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - World War II veterans and their families got a special experience Saturday at the National World War II Aviation Museum in Colorado Springs.

They were invited to come and tour the museum, getting a view of some of the planes built back during the era.

The museum started up the B-25 plane so visitors could listen to the engines run. "We're talking about big radial engines. It's a sound that most people have never heard, so it's a rewarding experience," said Jim Stewart. Stewart. The museum also flies some of the aircraft that he said visitors to the Colorado Springs airport sometimes are able to peek at.

The museum opened in October. They offer tours Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. To find out more or sign up for a tour, you can visit their website at www.worldwarIIaviation.org

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