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Victim, suspect identified in deadly Pueblo shooting

Deadly shooting in Pueblo

Deadly Shooting in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - A fight leads to a shooting and then a standoff. One man is dead and a woman is in police custody.

It all started just before 2 a.m. on Tuesday (4/8/14) in the 2100 block of Cedar Street in Pueblo.

"They found a deceased male in the front yard. He died of a gunshot wound," said Sgt Eric Gonzalez with Pueblo police.

Neighbors woke up to a shooting and a 25-year-old man dead in the front yard of a house. That man has been identified by police as Eddie Johnson.

"It's right there like, four houses down from me. So yes, (I'm) a little worried and being that we're new to the neighborhood, we've never lived on the south side so this is new all the way around for us," said Maria Martinez, who recently moved to the neighborhood.

But people who've lived here for years say they're not surprised.

One woman said she often sees a lot of people going in and out of the house late at night.

After the shooting Pueblo police received a tip that brought them to the 2100 block of Vinewood Lane, about ten minutes away from the crime scene. After a SWAT standoff police removed eight people from a house. A woman identified as Taria Wilhite-Moore was taken into custody as a suspect.

"We got here, the SWAT set up and we got warrants. Then people started coming out of the house. Eight people came out. We ended up getting four children and four adults. When there's kids involved in a standoff, it totally changes the procedures. We have to consider that there are innocent victims that can't defend themselves in the home, it makes it more difficult," said Gonzalez.

"I hope they found out what happened and my heart goes out to the family to that person that's gone," said Martinez.

Wilhite-Moore is facing a charge of first degree murder. She is being held at the Pueblo County Jail on $1.5 Million bond.

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