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Victims' family eagerly await Mapps' capture

Victims' family eagerly await Mapps' capture

PUEBLO, Colo. - Family members of those killed in Rye last month say Harry Mapps needs to be found in order for them to heal.

Mapps, 59, is accused of killing Kim Tuttle, 55; Reginald Tuttle, 51; and their daughter Dawn Roderick, 33. Mapps is wanted on warrants which include three counts of first-degree murder and arson. 

Mapps knew the Tuttles for decades. The victims' relatives said they never thought Mapps would be accused of killing them.

"I never saw Harry be violent. I never saw it but from what everybody's telling me he had a very bad temper," said Mark Roderick, Dawn's widower.

Roderick said Mapps also had a drinking problem. Mapps had come to live with the Tuttles after Mapps' wife kicked him out of their home in Texas.

"Anytime Harry was needing help, Reggie was always there to grab a hold of him and try to get him the help that he needed," Roderick said.

According to Roderick, Reginald Tuttle told Mapps he wasn't allowed to drink in his home. When Reginald Tuttle learned Mapps had been drinking there, he asked Mapps to leave. Shortly after, Pueblo County Sheriff's deputies said Mapps returned to the home and killed his friends.

"I personally will never forgive him. Other family members might. I can't find it deep down inside my heart to forgive him," said Toby Barnes, who lost his parents and sister. "My dad put him to work several times. He hunted with us, did a lot of stuff together. I knew him personally for over 20 years."

"He was a friend," Roderick said. "He was supposed to be a friend." Roderick is hopeful Mapps will be found but said Mapps' experience as a truck driver will help him stay on the run.

Roderick said, "When he gets convicted, I want to be able to sit there when they get ready to sentence him. I want to be able to hold up the family portrait that we had and I want to ask him why he did that to my kids."

Mapps was last seen driving a 2004 blue Chrysler Town & Country with a disabled veteran Texas plate 7FSNK. A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to Mapps' arrest.

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