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Video of 16-month-old swimming stirs controversy

Father posted video on YouTube

DALLAS (CNN) - A video posted on YouTube by a proud papa from Dallas is stirring some serious controversy.

The viral video shows a 16-month-old baby swimming across a pool unattended. Proud father Adam Christensen posted the video of his daughter, Elizabeth, online out of excitement for his little girl's new accomplishment. Other parents who watched the video online did not hesitate to chime in with their concerns.

Christensen says that like most fathers, his daughter's safety is his number one concern. He does understand how the sight of such a small child swimming can cause some to be alarmed.

"When I first watched her in there, every time she went face down I was like 'oh my goodness, she can't breath'. I was just worried to death, but the instructor assured us that she was just fine," says Christensen.

Some have voiced concerns that Elizabeth is swimming in the pool alone.

"Well, if you watch lifeguards, you'll notice that they're [outside the pool] because it's actually easier to jump in and save somebody when you're on the side of the pool rather than wading through the water," adds Christensen.

The proud dad says that professional instructors taught the swim class and stressed to not use flotation devices when teaching a child to swim. He says that most importantly, his daughter loves to swim. Elizabeth swims up to three times per day and can even dive under water to pick up toys.

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