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Vigil's Arrest Raising Questions About Gun Laws

Gun Debate

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Stevie Vigil, 22, was arrested because, investigators said, she bought a gun used to kill two people in Colorado. Colorado Bureau of Investigations said the woman legally bought the gun and then gave it to Evan Ebel, the man accused to killing the Executive Director of Corrections, Tom Clements, and pizza deliveryman Nathan Leon.

Vigil's arrest is raising new questions about background checks. Would stricter or extended background checks have done anything to prevent this crime? One local gun rights group said background checks wouldn't have helped in this case.

Vigil passed the background check and legally bought the gun. Investigators said she then gave the gun to Evan Ebel. He was a felon and couldn't legally carry a gun.

The expanded background checks that take effect in July wouldn't have helped, according to the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition.

"The criminal, the person who wants to commit and evil act, is going to find a way to commit and evil act," said Bernie Herpin, a member of the coalition, and a Colorado Springs City Councilman.

Herpin said he couldn't see a convicted felon ever trying to get a gun legally.

Investigators haven't identified where vigil bought the gun. They said the owner is being helpful, and didn't know what Vigil was supposedly planning after buying the gun.

CBI said Vigil's arrest warrant has been sealed, so they will be unable to release anything else about this case.

All of the new Colorado gun laws start on July first. Background checks will be needed for online and private sales after that date. Ammunition magazines for more than 15 rounds will also be banned.

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