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Volunteers build projects in Black Forest nearly a year after the fire

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - It has been a little over a year since Colorado's most destructive wildfire hit the Black Forest. A year later nearly 100 volunteers went out to the forest to make it a safer place to be during wildfire and flood season.

The Black Forest fire burned more than 14,000 acres. The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association reports the fire caused $420.5 million in damage.

People cut burnt trees into logs. The logs were then planted into the ground. They will be used as barriers to slow down future floodwater.

Volunteers also planted seeds in the ground to grow plants in the forest. The Volunteers of Outdoor Colorado said this will also slow floodwaters down.

Aidan Woughter lives in the Black Forest. He said the reason he volunteered for the event was to help his friends who lost their homes during the Black Forest fire.

"We all came and we are willing to spend time to basically make your lives better," he said.

 VOC organized the event.

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