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Volunteers continue to cleanup three weeks after floods

Volunteers continue to cleanup three weeks after floods

FOUNTAIN, Colo. - A dozen volunteers got their hands dirty Sunday in an effort to clean up a regional park filled with debris after it flooded several weeks ago.

Volunteers meet at Cottonwood Meadows at Fountain Creek Regional Park Sunday morning to sift the muddy wetlands for debris carried into the area by flooding three weeks earlier.

Debris was carried down Fountain Creek and it settled in the regional park in Fountain.

"It provides habitat for a variety of animals so it needs to be cleaned of debris so it can return to its natural state," said Susan Davies, executive director with Trails and Open Space Coalition.

Heavy rain pushed Fountain Creek over its banks in the regional park. The water subsided, but it left behind a muddy mess of debris.

"Who knows where it came from," said Davies.  "This is where it settled, and now it needs to be removed."

Nate Iven and his daughter Pira Mijatov-Iven showed up to help. They came to the regional park right after the floods three weeks ago to check out birds. They knew they had to come back.

"Just about anything you can imagine, we are finding," said Iven. "I found a fridge, a fire extinguisher."

Nine-year-old Mijatov-Iven carried lumber and heavy materials to the dumpster. It's hard work, but she said it's worth it.

"It kind of makes me sad to see trash in the water," said Mijatov-Iven. "I'd say we should clean up our earth."

There is more work to be done. Davies said it will take several days and the help of volunteers to clean up the 40-acre area.

People interested in volunteering can get more information about how to get involved on this website: Open Space Volunteers


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