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Volunteers work on flash flood mitigation along Fountain Creek

Flash Flood Mitigation

GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS, Colo. - A group of about 30 to 40 volunteers worked on flash flood mitigation Friday along Fountain Creek in the Ute Pass area.

Members of the Coalition for the Upper South Platte and FedEx employees cleaned up debris in and along the creek. They took out branches, trash and other material that could easily fall and flow downstream.

During a heavy rainfall, the debris in the creek could flow into people's homes. Many also worry it could clog culverts and cause an overflow.

"If that happens, we're at risk of losing the highway (24), and that of course is a huge economic impact, not only for the community downstream but all the communities upstream that would lose access to Colorado Springs through this corridor," FedEx volunteer Greg Tabor said.

FedEx also gave CUSP a $30,000 grant to be used for flood mitigation purposes. The organization plans to use those funds in numerous ways, like reseeding and sandbagging.

"We're going to be working on these burned hill slopes, stabilizing the debris, the sediment so that it doesn't flood the highway. We'll be working in floodplains, removing debris," CUSP Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Patton said.

Volunteers said they hope others in the community will get involved, too.

"We realize that this is just one small part," Tabor said. "To be truthful, this is hardly enough. We really need a lot of community support and involvement."

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