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Voter Fraud? Young GOP Woman Sets Record Straight

Voter Fraud? Young GOP Woman Sets Record Straight

Voter Fraud? Young GOP Woman Sets Record Straight

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Southern Colorado caught on camera conflict leads to voter fraud accusations and the woman in the middle of it is speaking out for the first time.

Victoria Bautista, 20, is a first time voter and decided to get involved with the election process.  So, she went to work for the republican party at a voter registration drive in Colorado Springs.

She was caught on cell phone video, which went viral YouTube, saying she was trying to get Romney supporters to register to vote.

"And who are you registering? All voters?," the woman with the camera asked Bautista.

"Well, I'm actually trying to register for a particular party," Bautista replied, "We're out here in support of Romney actually."

The woman then asked, "and who's paying you for this?"

"We're working for the County Clerk," was Bautista's response.

So far, the video's been viewed almost half a million times... more, when you count other pages that copied the link with many calling it voter and election fraud..

"I was nervous, I was scared and she definitely took advantage of that," Bautista told Newschannel 13.

"That was the first day I was doing that, where I was out there just trying to get to talk to people. I was nervous out of my mind and this woman was very angry," she said.

She says she got flustered under questioning, and after the video was posted and the accusations came out, she came to Newschannel 13 to set the record straight.

"Thing that I want to straighten out, I was registering everybody, this woman was trying to portray me as this evil, you know, I don't even know what she was going for. I want to straighten that out," she said.

As far as the claim that she worked for the County Clerk, when in fact she did not, "I also want to say that I was not working for the County Clerk's office, that kind of a, was a missed memory on my part."

She told us she was flustered and could only remember that all the paperwork would be going to the County Clerk's Office.

She also said the video does not show what happened after the minute long confrontation.  She told us the woman who shot the video, whose Youtube handle is "golddiggermom", put her phone down and started yelling.

Bautista said she was afraid and went to her car to leave, but "golddiggermom"  followed her - cell phone back in hand.

"She was pushing it at my license and she was moving her mouth like she was talking and I locked all my doors, I mean I was so scared of her at this point I was like 'what is she going to do to me?'

We reached out to "golddiggermom", but she never returned our request for an interview.

County Clerk Wayne Williams had his office looked into the video and the fraud claims.  They found one thing Bautista did wrong.

"The only mistake she made was saying she works for the county clerk's office when she does not," said Williams.  "She does turn in the registration forms to the county clerk's office, but she works, as many people do, for independent voter registration drives."

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