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Voter turnout could swing crucial vote for Pueblo pot shops

Voter turnout could swing crucial vote for Pueblo pot shops

PUEBLO, Colo. - Voter turnout in Pueblo this year could swing crucial votes when it comes to retail marijuana shops.

City Council is preparing a ballot question in November to ask voters to approve a tax on retail pot shops. That ballot question will basically be a referendum on retail pot. 

Council President Sandy Daff said she expects voters to approve the tax, like they did in Pueblo County last year. If that happens, Daff said she'll then vote yes on bringing recreational pot stores into the city.

"It's indicative of the fact that people not only support the ability to smoke marijuana but also support the city having shops located within the city limits," Daff said.

Three of the seven council members have voiced their support for having pot shops in the city: Ami Nawrocki, Ed Brown and Steve Nawrocki. 

Daff is expected to be the swing vote. She said she's worried that having retail stores would mean more work for the police department which is already understaffed. Before she decides to allow retail shops in the city, she wants to make sure there's a tax base to help get the department back to being fully staffed.

Council hasn't decided how much of a sales tax it wants to place on retail sales.

Earlier this week council agreed to allow three marijuana businesses in city limits: marijuana grows and manufacturing and testing facilities. 

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