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Waldo Canyon Fire 100% Contained

Fire crews call containment 17 days after blaze began.

The Waldo Canyon Fire, the most destructive in Colorado history, is under full containment Tuesday night.

The announcement comes after a helicopter flyover on Tuesday evening. 

Fire commander Troy Nelsen was unable to see any smoke in the Blodgett Peak area. There has not been smoke in that area for 36 hours, giving crews the confidence to make the announcement.

Residents are reminded that smoke will continue to appear over the next few weeks.  When you see that, remember that it is all burning on the inside of the fire line and there is no cause for alarm.

The fire destroyed 346 homes during its peak on June 26th, killing one senior couple in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood.

During that period, some 32,000 Springs residents were forced to evacuate their homes.

On June 29, President Obama toured the burn zone, and thanked Firefighters and Red Cross volunteers for their hard work. 

GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney followed suit on Tuesday, paying his own visit to Colorado Springs, and urging out-of-state visitors to keep Colorado in their vacation plans.   

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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