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Waldo Canyon Fire cause remains unknown

Waldo Canyon Fire Cause Remains Unknown

The cause of the Waldo Canyon Fire remains undetermined, but according to District Attorney Dan May, investigators are getting close.

"We are still waiting for some final reports on the cause of the fire from the forest service and I know they're getting real close on that at this point," said May.

May said he believes the preliminary report is being developed, and should be available within a matter of weeks.

The U.S. Forest Service, the entity leading the investigation, said the investigators are working diligently, compiling all of the facts and information.

"They're not holding anything back.  In any type of investigation you need to make sure you have all the facts together and one way it's been described to me is the investigation work is out of the field and it's in the laboratory," said Rob Deyerberg, Waldo Canyon Fire information officer.

The Waldo Canyon Fire has been deemed 100 percent contained since July 10, but the fire itself is not completely out.

Deyerberg said there are still smoldering areas on Blodgett Peak and within a saw dust pit near the rock quarry in Colorado Springs.

"There are areas within the fire with lots of nearby fuels that could be smoldering, again imperceptibly, without any smoke or anything like that and go all through this fall until it gets lots of rain and lots of snow," said Deyerberg.

Deyerberg said these areas pose minimal threats to surrounding areas, explaining that "it's not worth spending $100,000 to try to put it out" when there is very little chance the fire will spread elsewhere.

When asked if there is potential for the fire, Deyerberg said it is "extremely unlikely but not impossible, but when I say not impossible, if it even got anywhere near starting up again they would be able to activate forces and take care of it so again, extremely, extremely unlikely.

Deyerberg said smoke may be visible within the burn scar at times, due to the ongoing smoldering.  He said this is not something to alert the fire or police department about, because this area is being monitored on a daily basis.

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