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Waldo Canyon fire victims help Black Forest

Waldo Canyon mentors share experiences

Waldo Canyon Helps Black Forest Homeowners

Black Forest, Colo. - It can be a complicated mess for Black Forest homeowners to figure out what to do after the fire. So Waldo Canyon fire victims had a mentor meeting Tuesday night for Black Forest homeowners.

Hands raised, people had something in common. Black Forest homeowners have the same questions and the same worries as Waldo Canyon residents did a year ago. 

"I think everybody worries about issues like paying off the mortgage, what happens with taxes, what happens if I don't rebuild when my property becomes vacant land?" said Black Forest homeowner Judy Von Ahlefeldt. 

That's why a panel of mentors came together to help answer those questions.

"If we can help some of these Black Forest families figure out some things that took us a while to figure out, we'll make their journey a little bit easier," said Waldo Canyon mentor Carla Albers.

Each table dealt with a different issue like how to pick through complicated insurance jargon.

"We like helping people. I mean I think that's the purpose of society and as they say the people out here have never even looked at their insurance policy before," said volunteer Susan Putnam who's had 30 years of insurance experience.

While others start to rebuild, concerns still outweigh the urgency to rebuild.

"The big meetings that have been held by the county kind of deal with higher level stuff and these meetings are small enough that you can get down to the details that wake you up in the middle of the night," said Von Ahlefeldt.

The mentor meetings will happen once a month. The next meeting is Tuesday September 24 at The Pinery in Black Forest.

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