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Warm winter causing high-pollen allergy season

Warm winter causing high-pollen allergy season

The first day of spring is Wednesday, and with spring, come allergies.

Dr. William Storms, with the William Storms Allergy Clinic, said his clinic is experiencing an inflow of patients suffering from allergies right now.  He said it can be attributed to the spring season, but can also be associated with the recent weather patterns.

"This will be a heavy pollen season based on the winter that we had and actually the way it was last fall," said Storms.

The recent gusty winds have also caused allergy conditions to worsen, as the wind has blown more pollen into the air.

According to Storms, tree pollen causes most of the problems during the spring.  He cited elm, cottonwood, juniper, aspen and cedar pollen as being the most prevalent.

"People are calling with itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, post-nasal drip, congested head, cough, all the typical allergies symptoms," said Storms.

Storms said there is relief available over-the-counter and with a prescription.  He also said there is a shot that can help sufferers build an immunity against the allergens.

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