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Washed out culvert could take time to replace

Washed out culvert could take time to replace

BLACK FOREST, Colorado - Science teaches us that for every action, there is a reaction.  So did Sunday's storm.

 "The culvert was plugged and it started undermining and it was only a matter of time with a plugged culvert that size that they'd lose the road," said El Paso County Engineer Andre Brackin.

 Where the steel culvert was is a giant hole in Casey Lane, 10 feet wide, over 15 feet deep.  Concrete barriers block any possibility of cars driving into the abyss.

 Brackin says the county will be putting out an emergency bid to contractors to install a new, concrete culvert that will be able to handle all the runoff since the fire.

 "It has just allowed sediment to run more and more easily which is what causes culverts to clog more quickly," Brackin said.

 Two property owners have allowed a small, temporary path to be cut through their land in the meantime.  One says he wants to help out his neighbors but is concerned about liability.

 The county hopes the work can be finished in the next two weeks.

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