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Wasson students reflect on first day following closure announcement

Wasson students upset by school closure announcement

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The waning days of Wasson High School won't be anything worth celebrating if the first day following the announcement of its closure is any indication.

On a near unanimous vote Wednesday night, the District 11 school board voted to close the school at the end of the semester. School board members are trying to save money and better utilize their aging buildings. The plan is to use the Wasson campus for alternative schools next school year.

The plan upsets teachers, parents and students at Wasson.

"My best friend, she looked at me a certain way and I just started crying because I know I'm going to lose all my friends," said Ashleigh Lemee, a Wasson student.

She was one of several students who described a sad scene at school Thursday. Students report seeing teachers well up over the morning overhead announcement of the school's closure. Students also broke down at the thought of losing the special connections they made at the school.

"It really is horrible seeing this happen," said Gianfranco Dorazio. "This school has many things that we need. Some people may not think so, but it has things that people like us need."

Multiple students recalled finding trouble at other area high schools before landing at Wasson. The school and staff were praised by students for after-school tutoring lessons

"It really helps a lot of kids and I think that's why a lot of kids like this school," said Alexis Miller.

From now until May, the School District 11 administration will be working on new boundary lines for the four remaining high schools in Colorado Springs. That means students who currently attend other schools may be asked to switch schools as well.

Closing Wasson will save about $1.2 million per year according to estimates drawn up by school district administrators.

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