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Watchful neighbors save woman's life

Watchful neighbors save woman's life

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Too many times our neighbors are just numbers behind closed doors…but not those who live next to Mark Wolfe.

"It's OK to knock on the door and say hey, how you doing, I'm your neighbor," Wolfe said. 

It's how Wolfe got to know the woman who lives in apartment 978 next door.

"Especially when they don't have family…that's why I kind of befriended her even though she's grouchy," Wolfe joked.

Grouchy or not, it was strange when the door to 978 stayed closed.  Her car never moving and a garden out front, untended.

"You just kind of know something is wrong…that's how I felt," Wolfe said.

On Wednesday, Wolfe and another neighbor who felt the same way decided to call police to check up on her. 

Police ended up finding the woman stuck in a bathtub where she had fallen, extremely disoriented and dehydrated.

Neighbors say she could have been stuck for 11 days.

Wolfe says he's not a hero, just glad she is OK, resting in the hospital.

"It doesn't make you a hero, it just means you care about somebody," Wolfe said.  "If you move into a community, you should probably know your neighbors."

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