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Water main break creates problems for people in Colorado Springs

Water main break creates floods Colorado Springs homes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A water main break flooded homes and shut down businesses in Colorado Springs today (05/04/14).

The break happened last night (05/03/14) near Hancock Expressway and Delta Drive.

There was so much water that Joshua Hergenreder said his basement looked like an indoor pool.

"I ran downstairs to make sure everything is good, and it's a good thing we got up because it was pouring into our bed," he said.

Hergenreder said he tried everything to get the water out.

"We just started moving furniture around. We tried to put away towels, cloths, and other things. We tried to push the water toward the drains and after that it took its course," he said.

The break not only affected the neighborhood near it, but also Christian Pence's car wash, which closed for the day because there was no water. He said it gave him time to catch up on other work.

"Today is just going to be a maintenance day. I'll be working on a couple of systems around here," he said.

The break forced a part of Delta Road to close so that workers could fix the water main.

Colorado Springs Utilities said a building in an apartment complex were without running water while repairs were being made. Colorado Springs Utilities said they expected to restore water to everyone by 5:30 p.m.

Mark Friecon lives in that building. He said he kept plenty of water in his refrigerator just in case of emergencies.

As for Hergenreder, he said Colorado Springs Utilities is going to help fix his wet basement.

Colorado Springs Utilities said the break was expected to be fixed by 8 p.m. Sunday.  One lane of Delta is expected to be closed until then.

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