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Water restrictions and car sales

Car dealerships and Water Restrictions

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - New water restrictions are in effect in Colorado Springs, and that means more restricted waterinf and washing schedules.

Car dealerships are just one of the businesses that will be affected by water restrictions. Even though Colorado Springs Utilities won't have "water police" on the lookout, local dealers said they still want to do their part

Local dealers are fighting to ensure the cars are still catching the customer's eye.

"We obviously have to keep things clean, but we'll stretch it to try to conserve for water," said Michael Cimino, the Vice-president of Phil Long Ford dealerships.

Cimino said Phil Long Ford will likely only wash cars once a week on Fridays even though the restrictions allow for water use on Mondays and Fridays.

"The less it rains the less we have to wash cars. The more it rains the more we have to wash cars," said Cimino.

The dealership said there isn't much waste when cars go through the carwash. The water is captures to avoid having spill onto the street.

It's more difficult when the cars are washed on the spot by hand.

"Out here you can't really capture the water, but we'll stretch the washing times to once a week," said Cimino.

Not all the cars can go through the car wash because they only have one.

Colorado Springs Utilities said it meets one on one with business to make sure there are no questions about the restrictions and how to save water.

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