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Water restrictions could be changing in Co. Springs

Water Restrictions Could be Changing.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Water restrictions are tough on gardens and pocketbooks, but after some improvements, Colorado Springs Utilities is recommending changes to current restrictions. That means customers could soon water their lawns more often.

For Victoriano Galvan that would be great news.

"I've lived here since August of 1972," said the soon-to-be 76-year-old with a passion for gardening.

There are flowers all over his home: sun flowers in the front yard, and roses in the back.

"My wife wanted flowers. First we had red flowers, and then we got these," said Galvan as he gave KRDO NewsChannel 13 a tour of his property.

His grass hasn't been so lucky. Because of the drought some people, like Galvan, gave up their lawns but not their flowers. Galvan's water bill is only $57 a month which is on the lower end. He said he keeps his water bill low by only watering on the days allowed by the utility.

If the recommendation passes customers would be able to water three days a week and use 2,500 cubic feet of water - that's 18,700 gallons-- instead of just 2,000 cubic feet, or 14,960 gallons. Penalties would be lowered too, but the utility said no matter what happens, customers should not be fooled.

"We are still in a severe drought and we don't want to end up right back here next year," said Paul Berry with Colorado Springs Utilities.

Xeriscaping and keeping plants in a limited area is still a great way to conserve water.

The Colorado Springs City Council will take a vote on the changes next week. If the recommendation passes it would come into effect in August.

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