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Water wells damaged in Black Forest fire

Water Wells Damaged in Black Forest

BLACK FOREST, Colo. - The El Paso County Health Department wants to make sure people whose homes have been burned in the Black Forest fire are not in for more problems. Crews checked to make sure water wells in the burn zone are not damaged, and that the water is not contaminated Wednesday.

Water wells are like a straw that goes into an aquifer. People in Black Forest use them to have drinking water. The flames and high heat of the black forest fire damaged or destroyed many of them.

"So then we have an open straw right into the aquifer, and we are worried about possible contamination," said Tom Gonzales, the director of environmental health for the El Paso Health Department.

If your well was damaged, there is something you need to do right away.

"If they see that the cap is broken, you can get a bag or something with a zip lock, and close that up temporarily," said Gonzales.

Do it before cleaning debris so you don't contaminate the well.

Workers will have proper identification and a vest with the words "Public Health" on it. If they do not have these things, report it right away.

The county will not be fixing damaged wells, just assessing damages to prevent water contamination.

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