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Wear Red Friday Hero: West Point Grad

Wear Red Friday Hero: Karen Hobson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - One woman's past is helping others create a better future.  Karen Hobson is a 14 year fixture at Falcon Middle School.  She has a unique military past that helped pave the way for thousands of women.  Every Friday we wear red to honor and support our military and those who support them.  Karen is our Wear Red Friday Hero.  Going down the halls with Karen is a positive experience.  When I walked down the halls with her, she got the new middle schoolers to smile even though some were struggling to open their lockers.  

Karen used to be the in school suspension supervisor.  Translated, that means she was the lady you faced when you got suspended.  Karen told me that even though you may have be one of those who had to deal with her in that capacity, "I would develop students so they know that even if they got in trouble that it's not the end of the world and the next day we'll be all friendly."  

Karen is now the administrative secretary at the school.  She now is the right hand person for the Principal.to help manage the budget and collect school fees from students.  How Karen Hobson handles her day to day role in school interacting with students and others is impressive enough, but there is another part to her story that sets her apart from most of her peers at school.  Karen Hobson is part of the first class of women who graduated from West Point.  She is West Point, Class of 1980. 61 other women graduated with her that year.  She is proud of being an Army veteran and helping future classes of women in the military, "now as I look back many years later that I did pave the way for women to be able to attend the academy without a lot of the pressures and distractions that I had." 

Falcon Middle School teacher Karen Kamla is the person who nominated Karen Hobson to be our Wear Red Friday Hero and here's why, "I think she is special because she leads by example.  She leads from the middle.  She doesn't need to be out in front of people." 

You may know someone who is a Wear Red Friday Hero who is part of the military or supports them.  Go back to our homepage, our Wear Red Friday section and nominate them.    


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