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Weather delays I-25 construction

CDOT workers back on the job this week

Weather delays I-25 construction

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado Department of Transportation will get back to work on I-25 this week after the cold weather and snow delayed construction.

Construction workers are behind on opening the third lane, which was supposed to be done by the end of the year.

The stretch of I-25 that CDOT is trying to expand to a total of six lanes is from the Monument exit down to Woodmen Road.

‘A little crazy' is how many drivers are describing the roads this week. They're disappointed I-25 construction has hit a speed bump, but hopeful with a warmer forecast.

Snow packed roads and icy conditions have been the common site in Southern Colorado and fear has been the common feeling while driving here.

"People spinning out and crashing into curbs and stuff everywhere," said driver Scott Sullivan. 

"We had to keep slow because you can't see the lanes and you really have to watch," said driver Michelle Goff. 

Finally, there was a break from that fear on Sunday with the sun shining and the temperature in the balmy 20s. 

"It's like a heat wave!" joked Sullivan. 

However, the recent rush of old man winter put CDOT's plan to open a third lane on I-25 in jeopardy. 

"This weather is record weather. So I can't really fault them for being behind," said driver Aaron Burton. 

"Maybe they need to get more people on it because you really can't have that with all the traffic," said Goff. 

With warmer weather in the forecast, construction workers will be back on the job this week.    

"Maybe with the break in the weather they'll be able to get some stuff done and get some stuff cleared up," said Sullivan.  

That's the hope because the nasty winter weather will return before winter's gone. 

"It's not a lot of fun and it does get frustrating especially when people aren't as careful as they should be out there under the conditions and with the amount of traffic," said Burton.

CDOT will have to work very diligently this week because the temperature needs to be above freezing to do any kind of paving or painting.

While they do say they are pushing to get it done by the end of the year, construction could take longer. CDOT also says they will put down fresh pavement in the spring to smooth out the road.

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