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Weather keeping moths away, for now

Weather keeping moths away, for now

During the spring of 2012, swarms of Miller moths infiltrated Colorado.  The abundance of the insects was thanks to the above-average temperatures and drought which allowed more of them to hatch and survive.

This year, winter-like storms have kept cold temperatures and snow in the forecast.  Consequently, the moths are absent.

"Weather is probably the key indicator and key factor when it comes to pest control," said James Whidden, owner of Mug-A-Bug Pest Control in Colorado Springs.

Whidden said Miller moths will eventually arrive, despite the lack of them currently.  He said once the temperatures begin to warm up, the moths will arrive. 

"As things warm up, they'll be here.  Probably, usually, they start about mid-May and then run through at least the mid to latter part of June," said Whidden.

The severity of the season, according to Whidden, is difficult to determine until the migration is underway.  He said the population of the insects is determined by the conditions across the eastern plains, where they hatch.

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