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Weekend wind topples trees in Colorado Springs

Weekend wind topples trees in Colorado Springs

Strong winds made headlines over the weekend by burying portions of southern Colorado with tumbleweeds.  On the west side of Colorado Springs, it was not the tumbleweeds that had residents talking; it was the tree damage.

Vivette Cardenes said the 20-year-old tree in her yard was uprooted by wind on Saturday, when winds were gusting to over 50 mph in Colorado Springs.

"I looked out the window and I noticed some of our yard bags going down the street.  So I opened the front door and the tree was down," said Cardenes.

Cardenes said she is no stranger to the wind.  She was living in Pensacola, Fla. when Hurricane Erin made landfall in 1995.  She said the wind on Saturday was comparable.

"It was right up there because we did have trees going up and down the street when the eye was going over," she said.

With some help, the fallen tree will not go to waste.  Cardenes has decided that she will use it as her Christmas tree this holiday season.

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