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Wetmore homeowners to visit destroyed properties Thursday

14 homes lost in wildfire

Wetmore Homeowners Learn of Wildfire's Impact

FLORENCE, Colo. - People whose homes were destroyed by the Wetmore fire will have an opportunity to view what's left of their homes, authorities said Wednesday.

Custer County Sheriff Fred Jobe said authorities will provide vehicles to escort any of the 14 affected homeowners to their properties.  Jobe said the escorts will happen Thursday.

"They can't get off the bus or the van," said Jobe.  "But they can go and at least take a look, because they're very anxious, obviously, on what's left -- what it looks like."

Authorities held a private briefing for fire evacuees on Wednesday afternoon at the Red Cross shelter in Florence.  Jobe said evacuees learned whether their homes were lost in the fire.

Shawn Donohoo is one evacuee who likely will take part in the escort to his neighborhood.  His family's rented home on County Road 390 was destroyed.  He says he doesn't have insurance to replace his losses.

"Our wedding rings were in a box," said Donohoo.  "Our wedding pictures.  Things that were my mother's, that I got after she passed away.  Everything.  That was everything we owned."

The Donohoos had just moved to Wetmore from Texas earlier this month.  They planned to spend Wednesday night in the shelter and decide what to do next.

Jobe said authorities will open a disaster assistance center this weekend for any evacuees in need.  He said the center will be available Friday through Sunday at the Wetmore Fire Department.

The Red Cross asks that no donations of food, clothing or other items be made at shelters.  Instead, you're asked to bring donations to Loaves & Fishes in Canon City.

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