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Where was Even Ebel's parole officer?

DOC releases new information

Where was Evan Ebel's parole officer?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The man in charge of keeping tabs on Evan Ebel wasn't putting in full days at work for four days after Ebel cut off his ankle monitor and disappeared.

According to the parole officer's time sheet, he worked 11.5 hours on March 14, the day Ebel ditched his ankle monitor, but the Department of Corrections says he was searching for another parolee.

The next day, a Friday, Ebel's parole officer was only at work for three hours. He took the weekend off and on Monday, worked only 4.5 hours.

"Colorado State Community Parole Officers (CPO) work a non-standard schedule, and daily hours fluctuate," DOC spokeswoman Sue Cobb told KRDO Newschannel 13 in an email.

Cobb said Ebel's parole officer had a scheduled day off on Friday, March 15 and on Monday, "the CPO experienced a family emergency that prevented a full day's work, but was in contact with the Ebel family."

On Tuesday, five days after Ebel went missing, his parole officer was back to work for a full day.  It was then, the DOC declared Ebel an absconder. The following day a warrant was issued for Ebel's arrest.

By then, both Nate Leon of Denver and DOC Chief Tom Clements had been murdered.

"Ebel had been fully complaint up until that first alarm.  Immediate response was not warranted," said DOC spokeswoman Alison Morgan.

The National Institute of Corrections is now reviewing Colorado's DOC.

"Backup coverage and responses to tamper alarms are part of the ongoing review by the National Institute of Corrections," said Cobb. "As part of that review, NIC personnel have met with State Department of Corrections officials and indicated they will complete their review as soon as possible."

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