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Why was there a snow day?

Snow day explainer

Why was there a Snow Day?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Tuesday's snow day decision for thousands of school kids in Southern Colorado was greeted by some with a question mark.  I got on the phone to find out what's the deal when we really didn't have much significant snow. 

The largest school system in Colorado Springs is District 11.  Devra Ashby is the school's spokesperson.  She told me that it's not a one size fits all decision when it comes to a snow day. 

Ashby says, "Bitter wind and cold and the potential for accumulating snow made us decide to call for a snow day.  We felt the wind could be a potential danger for students if we dismissed them early from school."   Ashby says it's also harder to dismiss kids early from school because it's harder for parents to make arrangements to pick them up early.  

School District 49 is also among other school systems that made the decision to go for a snow day on Tuesday.  I asked Spokesperson Stephanie Wurtz, "No regrets about the decision to call for a snow day?"  Wurtz told me, "No regrets.  We want students as many days as we possibly can, but the conditions especially the northern part of our district warranted them staying at home today."  Wurtz also cited the biting cold and chill as key factors in the decision, too. 

Tuesday is the fourth snow day for D-49 kids this school year.  It is the second snow day this school year for D-11.  Both districts say this is not out of the ordinary.  It is average for both districts.


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