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Widefield High School Royals

Homecoming first at Widefield

WIDEFIELD-SECURITY, Colo - A heartwarming moment at Widefield High School on Wednesday. The homecoming King and Queen were crowned.  A first ever special needs couple was crowned at the school as the new royals. Lache' Archie and Anthony Curtis were overwhelmingly elected by popular student vote.

I spoke with Lache' after the crowning and the new Queen had this to say to the students who supported her, "Thank you and thanks for voting for me and that's it."  Lache's a young woman of few words.  I asked Anthony Curtis's Mom,  Donna what she thought this vote had to say about the character of the students at Widefield High?  She choked up and old me they were wonderful. 

Anthony's Aunt, Paul Hoffman told me, "It was a blessing for the couple to be crowned King and Queen and to think of our children as average everyday children.  It was a happy moment for us."

Widefield Senior, Libby Glommen got the ball rolling for the couple to be nominated and pushed hard with others to get them their victories.  She is a volunteer in the Life Skills classes that Anthony and Lache' are attending. Life Skills helps students cope with life after high school.  Glommen told me, "I just think it's really awesome to see the students and teachers come together as a whole and just support these kids."

Widefield Principal, Kevin Duren echoed that sentiment and also added this, "A lump in my throat came up when all this was going on.  It showed that all of our students have the opportunity to experience the high school experience."

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