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Widower is angry about deceased wife's name showing up on recall petition

Widower angry deceased wife's name is on recall petition

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Two years isn't a very long time when you consider just how long Kenneth Peach was married to his wife, Twila.

"From the day she died it was 52 and a half years, 13 days…and I couldn't tell you how many hours right now," Peach said.

Scattered throughout the house are arts and craft supplies for the Teddy Bears she used to make, documents and clothing.  He says it's a work in progress as he shifts through it all trying to decide what to do with it.

"I go through stuff and can go so far and then I end up standing and bawling, so I quit," Peach said.

Memories, already raw, were broken open again when he answered the door last month to a representative from "A Whole Lot of People for John Morse."

"They asked me if Twila had signed the recall petition, I said it wasn't something she signed because she's been dead for two years," Peach said. 

On Monday, John Morse supporter Christy Le Lait handed an affidavit to the District Attorney's office demanding a criminal investigation be opened into what she suspects are thousands of suspicious signatures.

The evidence that I have provided the District Attorney's office calls into question the validity of the entire petition gathering process," Le Lait said.

Le Lait accuses at least 5 signature gatherers of perjury and forgery.

Jennifer Kerns, a spokesperson for the Basic Freedom Defense Fund that organized the recall effort says the number of suspicious signatures could possibly be at most 50, and they are conducting their own investigation.

"You heard them mention numbers in the thousands, yet they can only give us about a dozen examples of folks who may have improperly gathered signatures" Kerns said.

This complaint by Le Lait will not affect the recall election of Senate President John Morse, scheduled for September 10th…but it has affected Kenneth Peach.

"It aggravated me and what can I do other than say I think it was wrong," Peach said.

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