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Wife of convicted triple murderer turned him in to law enforcement

Wife of convicted triple murderer turned him in

PUEBLO, Colo. - Harry Mapps' estranged wife spoke publicly for the first time Sunday about turning her husband in to law enforcement. Harry Mapps pleaded guilty last week to three counts of first-degree murder.

Last December, Sandy Mapps received a voicemail from Harry Mapps, telling her to call him. The number on her caller ID was registered to the Interstate Inn in Roland, Oklahoma. By that time, Harry Mapps had already been on the run for 31 days. Sandy Mapps exclusively told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that she then called a U.S. Marshal to report the call she had received.

"I was nervous because I had no idea for sure if he was still there or if he was headed back this way because at that time we didn't know," said Sandy Mapps in a phone interview from her home in Dimmitt, TX.

Just hours after Sandy Mapps called investigators, Harry Mapps was arrested in his motel room in connection with the deaths of Kim Tuttle, 55; Reginald Tuttle, 51; and their daughter Dawn Roderick, 33. Harry Mapps lived with the three for several months before he killed them in their Rye home on Nov. 27, 2013.  

Sandy Mapps said, "It's hard to turn someone in that you've cared for for so long, but I certainly didn't want to be an accessory to a crime. I knew that that was what was the right thing to do."

"It didn't take 10 years just to find him. It took a month and a day to find him and I'm happy cause he's put away for the rest of his life," said Logan Roderick, Dawn's 12-year-old son, reflecting on the events of the past five months. 

Logan Roderick spoke before a packed courtroom last week about how his life has changed since his mother's murder, including moving to a new school.

"I want Harry to know that he made me so angry that I'm afraid to talk to my only friends at that school now," Logan said. "Everyone else is just scared that I might lash out on them."

"When they lost their mom, they lost not only their mom-- they lost their best friend and their companion throughout this," said Thomas Roderick, Dawn's father-in-law.

The Rodericks agree they can now begin to heal, knowing that Mapps will spend the rest of his life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Thomas Roderick said, "They'll never forget their mom but they'll be able to accept what has happened and not be so bitter toward everybody in life."

As for Sandy Mapps, she told KRDO NewsChannel 13 she still can't believe the man she married 15 years ago is now a convicted triple murderer.

"I still find it very hard to believe when I see pictures of him now. He doesn't look the same," said Sandy Mapps. "He's not the same person."

Sandy Mapps said she wanted to wait to tell people that she turned Harry Mapps in to authorities because she's waiting to claim reward money. 

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