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Wild weather year for farmers

Wild weather year for farmers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Winter doesn't officially start until December, but with freezes coming to the southeastern Plains this week, the growing season is all but over.

The season has been marked by some wild swings in the weather.  From a severe drought to one of the wettest months in history in September.  But despite the recent rains, all is not well in the fields.

The latest U.S. drought monitor shows that parts of Southeastern Colorado are still in exceptional drought.

However, it looks like a good crop in the  area, according to Bruce Fickenscher, an agricultural expert.

This winter we're expecting near normal rain and snow in Southeastern Colorado and above normal temperatures.  So it looks like next year's growing season should start off with a drought still be keeping a grip on the Plains.

Most areas in the southeastern part of the state typically get around 25 inches of snow in the winter.  The largest cash crop in the state is potatoes, followed by corn.  Potatoes can grow year round, while the season for corn growing season begins in June.

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