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Wildfire season beginning earlier this year

Wildfire season beginning earlier this year

The Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District responded to the first fire of the season Monday.  It was between 1 and 1/2, just north of the Teller and Douglas county line. 

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but firefighters say the area is a trouble spot.

"Last year, we had a number of fires out there.  I think about five, and this year we've already had one, so it's not starting out very well," said Fire Chief Tyler Lambert.

Lambert said it is not typical that wildfires are started in February, adding that the wildfire season is starting earlier this year than in 2012.

"We're expected to have a pretty dramatic fire season which we're not looking forward to," said Lambert.

Lambert said it is very important for anybody to use extreme caution when outdoors, especially with camping season just around the corner.  He sad to ensure campfires are completely out before leaving it and to be careful with anything that could potentially cause a spark.

"All of our grasses and our trees and things are very dry, and they're susceptible to a small grass fire, which can turn into a wildfire very easily," said Lambert.

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