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Wind farm supporters trying to mend fences over project

What's next for Wind Farm Project in eastern El Paso County

Trying to smooth over concerns about wind farm project

NEAR CALHAN, Colo - Windy eastern El Paso County could be blowing up with some serious revenue in the coming years.  The El Paso County Commissioners approved a 30-thousand acre wind farm project that wasn't so welcomed by everyone in this area. 

Dave Hazel is project manager for Golden West Power Partners that is behind the wind farm.  I asked him what he is going to do to smooth over hard feelings over it.  Hazel told me, "We will continue to address any concerns that someone may have about the project."  Hazel believes an open dialogue with those who didn't want the massive wind turbines next to them is the way to help ease any concerns.

Hazel also talked about how tax revenue from the project will help support nearby fire and police districts and schools.  He said that he is also proud to be part of the push because the wind farm project will help keep the next generation in eastern El Paso County with the promise of new jobs, "We are working with students in schools extensively to see what it's like to work on wind farms and get them into a program after high school and hopefully help get them on the wind farms of the future."

Construction on the wind farm is expected to start in 2014.  It should be operational in June of 2015.

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