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Wind kicks up problems for allergy-sufferers

Wind kicks up problems for allergy-sufferers

Dust storms and plenty of damage was caused by the excessive winds that battered the state on Monday.  The wind also helped to kick up problems for those who suffer from allergies.

"People are having quite a bit of sinus irritation.  Some people will complain of sinus pain and pressure, nasal congestion, scratchy throat, post-nasal drip, things of that nature," said Jill Smothers, family nurse practitioner with William Storms Allergy Clinic.

Smothers said after the wind subsides, it will take an additional two to three days for the dust to settle.  She recommends a sinus rinse or other over-the-counter remedies for those who are suffering, but added that if the symptoms linger for more than five days the patient should see a board-certified allergist.

Smothers said dust is not the only issue this time of year.

"With the hot and cold cycles that we've had, the barometric pressure can cause a lot of sinus symptoms, so people will get sinus headaches, facial pain and pressure," Smothers explained.

According to Smothers, there is no pollen in the air at this time but allergy season is not far away.

"Well, if you look outside, there's already some trees that are budding so we're looking at probably the second or third week of February, if the weather holds," said Smothers.

She said pollen-sufferers will being to notice their allergies the first week of March.

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