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Windows XP ends, users face new threat

Windows XP Expires

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - One of the most popular and widely used computer systems in the world expires on Tuesday.

Microsoft will stop maintaining the 13-year-old Windows XP.

The change will make users more vulnerable to hackers. What's more, ninety-five percent of the world's ATMs use it, and upgrading is an expensive move.

The system is estimated to be running on nearly one in three personal computers around the world.

"What that means is there are no more updates, lots of vulnerabilities and security issues could arise," said Mario Ortivez, service manager at Computer Resources in Colorado Springs.

But after 12 years the popular Windows XP has reached its expiration date.

Tech experts said it could expose important, personal information.

"I know for myself I do my online banking, everything, is done on my laptop at home, those are at risk," said Ortivez.

The catch- your computer will continue to work- but all security updates will stop, which could make users vulnerable to viruses, spyware and hacks.

"Your Window XP will work. However as we progress through time when new updates come out and security vulnerabilities happen, there's not going to be any updates or any support. In some aspects most people might think that's misleading," said Ortivez.

At Computer Resources at least 45 percent of the customers use Windows XP so they're going to have to make some changes. Engineers here have been busy revamping computers and even businesses entire systems.

"Most companies here in Colorado Springs, including ourselves, will be able to help you out with your Windows XP. However if there are issues, we can't get any updates or support ourselves, so we're asking most people to upgrade to a Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system," said Ortivez.

Experts also said hackers will be keeping their eyes on this change as well.

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