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Windy Saturday impact felt across southern Colorado

Recovery, cleanup likely to continue through Monday

Windy Saturday Impact Felt Across Southern Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The three-day holiday weekend will give area residents an extra day off to cope with the effects of strong winds Saturday.

Colorado Springs Utilities said by Sunday morning it expected to restore power to 4,000 customers affected by 40 separate outages.

"Lots of outages is not abnormal for high, high winds," said utility spokeswoman Natilia Sibert.  "This is to be expected.  We've had windstorms in the past and we've had lots of outages, tree limbs falling."

Driving around, it wasn't hard to see obvious signs of wind damage -- signs bent or blown down, construction materials scattered, debris accumulated in piles along fence lines.

By Saturday night, the strong winds faded as suddenly as they arrived, with only a gentle breeze where noisy winds annoyed residents only hours earlier.

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