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Witness comes to police Officer Tyner's aid

John Andelfinger feels bond as former reserve policeman

Witness Comes To Aid Fallen Officer

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs man was one of the first to arrive Tuesday at the scene of a crash involving motorcycle police Officer Matt Tyner.

John Andelfinger, who said he is a former soldier and reserve police officer in Baltimore, drove past the scene shortly after 2:30 p.m.  He said he noticed the victim was a motorcycle officer, so he turned around and got out to help.

"I actually was on my way home from work and was detouring around another accident," said Andelfinger.  "I wasn't sure if anyone was helping (Tyner).  I saw a few people standing around."

Andelfinger said one bystander was apparently receiving medical instructions over the phone from a dispatcher.

"(We) took off his helmet very gently, and then I noticed there was some blood coming out of the side of his neck," said Andelfinger.  "(The bystander) was taking his pulse and said there was no breathing, there was no pulse.  But I saw the chest of the officer come up and go back down, just from arriving, and I said no, I think we've got something.  And then the officer moved slightly to his side, and then after that there was no movement."

Andelfinger said he and another bystander used Tyner's holster as a pillow for his head until other officers and medical personnel arrived.

Andelfinger also said he overheard investigators question the driver of the truck that hit Tyner.

"He looked like an older gentleman in his 70s," Andelfinger said.  "When they asked him where the officer came from,  I heard him make a remark, something to the effect of (Tyner) didn't make any turn signals or he didn't have his lights on, or something like that.  But I don't know if that's the case or not."

Andelfinger said he thought Tyner would have survived the accident, and was sad to hear that he died.

"I hope I gave him some comfort in his last moments," said Andelfinger.

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