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Woman celebrates her 80th birthday by skydiving

Woman celebrates her 80th birthday by skydiving

Penrose, COLO. -      It was a once in-a-lifetime birthday celebration for a Pueblo West woman. Joretta Allen crossed skydiving off her bucket list for her 80th birthday July 23, 2014.

As soon as Allen arrived at Skydive Colorado in Penrose, Colorado, she was excited. In fact, her family told KRDO Allen had been planning the adventure for 10 years and booked her skydiving adventure in June.

"I think I'm more nervous than she is," said Vicki Renteria, Allen's daughter.

Allen's children and their spouses, as well as most of her grandchildren, were there to watch her take the plunge.

"Even the ones that say it's kind of a crazy thing to do, they still all really support me, too," said Allen.

It wasn't long before Allen signed her John Hancock on the waiver form and begin to strap into her harness.

"Now put your arms through these holes. Perfect. Just stand for me with your hands at your side. Don't touch anything, don't adjust anything," explained the skydiving instructor.

Allen, along with family, walked toward the small plane, boarded and took flight. It would be another 15 minutes before Allen and her tandem skydiving instructor would jump out of the plane. After arriving safely on the ground, Allen was ecstatic, "That was so much fun. Yay!"

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