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Woman files lawsuit over lost dog

Woman files lawsuit over lost dog

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo,. - A Colorado Springs woman said Thursday she has filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend because she says he gave away her dog on Craigslist.

Melissa Shive said she will do whatever it takes to get her 2-year-old Lab-pitbull mix Nevaeh back.

"This is the last picture I have of her," said Shive as she sifted through photos of the dog. "I should have a lot more pictures and she should still be here right now."

Shive adopted Nevaeh from a rescue when she was 4 months old. Now the dog is 2 years old and it's the first time the two have been separated.

"Every day I have to relive that awful moment finding out I might not ever see her again," said Shive. "It's been awful. I've had to take days off work because I can't focus."

Shive agreed to let her ex-boyfriend, Noah Seaborn, watch Nevaeh for a few days after the two separated in November. During that time, she claims he gave Nevaeh to a family in Breckenridge.

"I said, 'No that's not acceptable. She is my dog and I want her back.' That's when he replied with, 'Hurts doesn't it,'" said Shive.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 spoke to Seaborn via phone. He said he had no choice but to give away Nevaeh. He would not expand on why he felt it necessary to give the dog away.

Shive drove to Breckenridge and put up fliers. She also sent emails to Breckenridge residents. She also sent out a pet Amber Alert.

Seaborn cut off communication with Shive. She contacted the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

"The charges that I pressed against him are domestic violence theft," said Shive. "The police office determined it was a domestic violence theft case because he was intentionally keeping my dog from me to hurt me."

Shive hoped the threat of legal action would make her ex-boyfriend fess up. He still didn't give up information about Nevaeh's whereabouts.

Seaborn said by phone that Nevaeh was also his dog. When asked why only Shive's name appeared on the adoption papers for Nevaeh, he said Shive forged the papers.

"I know that she is out there missing me as much as I'm missing her and I have a lot of hope that I'm going to get her back. I have to. And I know that I will see her again," said Shive.

Now a judge may help decide if Shive will see Nevaeh again.



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