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Woman loses thousands in scam that targets elderly

Woman loses thousands in scam that targets elderly

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The victim of a scam that targets the elderly hopes her experience will be a learning lesson for others.

Last week, 91-year-old Lorraine received a call from someone claiming to be her oldest grandson.

"He said, 'Grandma, I need your help.' I said, 'Oh I don't recognize you at all.' He said, 'I have a terrible, terrible cold.'" Lorraine said.

The grandson imposter told her he'd been in an accident, was in jail and needed $4,000 to get out. He begged her to keep it a secret and even put others on the phone claiming to be a judge and public defender. Two days later, the scammer asked for $2,000 more.

"He was very convincing, very convincing," Lorraine said.

Lorraine complied, buying Green Dot prepaid cards. On the back, there's a number, and Lorraine gave it to the scammers over the phone, giving them access to the money instantly. The cards are untraceable, so Lorraine's money is gone.

"My mom is a savvy individual. She is well-read, and if it can happen to a 91-year-old that is with it, it can happen to anyone," said Barb, Lorraine's daughter.

Police said this is a scam that has been circulating in the community. Lt. Catherine Buckley said if you get a call asking you for money, slow down. Scammers will usually prompt potential victims to act fast. So don't immediately hand off the money. Talk it over with someone.

Lorraine has some advice too.

"If somebody comes up to you and asks you for money, check it out first, which I should've done," she said.

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