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Woman says gas station who sold her bad gas won't pay for damages

Station owner says he needs proof

Woman says gas station who sold her bad gas won't pay for damages

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A trip to the gas pump turned into an expensive mess for one Colorado Springs woman.

Tiffany Jorgenson says she filled her gas tank on Sept. 29 at the Everyday gas station in the 1800 block of North Circle Drive.  When she tried to drive away, she noticed her car was acting differently.

"I started my car and instantly it was shaking and jerking and it was awful," Jorgenson told KRDO NewsChannel 13.

She drove less than a quarter of a mile before her car stopped altogether.  A mechanic examined her vehicle and found that her gas tank had water in it.  It cost about $300 to repair her car, Jorgenson said.  When she confronted the gas station, Jorgenson says the employees didn't believe her.

"They accused me of putting a bottle of water in my gas tank," Jorgenson said.

Jorgenson called the Department of Labor and Employment's Division of Oil and Public Safety and an inspector examined the gas station's pump.  The inspection report obtained by KRDO NewsChannel 13 shows that water was found in the premium and diesel tanks.  There was almost 5 inches of water in the premium tank and 1 inch of water in the diesel tank.  The regular unleaded tank did not show any water.

The gas station was ordered to make repairs then arrange another inspection before reopening the pump.  However, according to a representative at the Department of Labor and Employment, the gas station opened the pump the next day.

An inspector went back to the site on Oct. 2 and left a violation report.  The pump was closed from Oct. 3-8 and inspectors say the problem with the pump has now been rectified.

But for several days, customers may have filled their tanks with the harmful gas.

"I met a gentleman in the store when I went to complain who said he also got bad gas from him and that was a couple of weeks earlier," Jorgenson said.  "So this has been going on for quite some time."

Jorgenson said she and her husband have made repeated calls to the owner of Everyday but was told she needed to prove she got gas from the station.  She says she was not offered a receipt when she paid for her gas with cash.  

"Pull up your security camera and you will see my red Subaru pull up to pump No. 1 and pump premium fuel," Jorgenson argued.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 spoke to the owner, Ar Singh, by telephone on Tuesday.  Singh admitted that rain water leaked into the fuel tanks through cracks in the concrete.  A manager showed KRDO NewsChannel 13 the new concrete over the tanks.  Singh said that if a customer has a valid complaint, he will reimburse them.

Jorgenson says it's not that easy.

"Every time we call them and ask them for help or direction, they hang up the phone on us," she said.  "If I had just wanted my money back, I would have just left it alone, but there are people in this city who are being hurt by this and vehicles being damaged and that's not fair."

KRDO NewsChannel 13 is aware of at least two other customers who claim to have damage to their cars because of water in the gas at Everyday.  If you are affected and would like to share your story, send an email to krdonews@krdo.com or call our newsroom at 719-575-6285.

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